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Frostborn is a co-op survival game with MMORPG elements: team up with other Vikings to build a strong base, confront the creatures that hide among the shadows and in the shrines of the gods and fight other players during raids and random encounters in numerous locations and dungeons. If you like norse mythology, then Frostborn is the game for you! Play as a real Viking and experience a world of magic, darkness, choose from over a dozen RPG-style classes that suit you best, fight with the armor that suits you best, develop a tactic, or go berserk, the choice is yours!


In Frostborn: Coop Survival, you play as a chosen hero fighting against the Norse death goddess Hel. It's not the hackneyed narrative of saving the planet while everyone else dies. There is a protagonist in the game, and the other players are immortals. As the game continues, what began as a single-player experience becomes increasingly open-world. They are immortal and impervious to Hel, allowing them to live indefinitely! Furthermore, they resurrect instantly after death. That's very fantastic, in my opinion.


Except for the goddess of death, all of the Norse gods vanish at the start of the game. However, by the time the player character appears, all of the Norse tribes have united and a single government has taken center stage. Hel's magic, albeit difficult, has wrecked the earth, and her zombie-like monsters have ravaged it, leaving only rain to drink.


You stumble into a Norse settlement. You meet the local shaman and are assigned assignments to help them build their town. They are not only constructing it for you, but for everyone who joins them. Some have been displaced as a result of Hel's schemes and are currently starving. As an immortal, you assume their leadership and protect them with their assistance. In turn, they assist you in completing the shaman's missions. The game eventually leads you away from the Norse homelands and across the oceans to invade England and France in search of resources. The ease with which you gain these resources is determined by the class you choose to main.


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